Arora Professional Painting Brush Set of 7 Round Brush

Arora Professional Painting Brush Set of 7 Round Brush

Brand: Arora
Product Code: Professional Painting Brush
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  • 7pc round brush set . Contains brush numbers - 0, 2, 4 , 6 , 8, 10 , 12 .
  • SHORT HANDLE & FERRULE - Short Handled Brushes are best for close-up work. The largest brush is just over 8 inch in length. Secure Ferrules are made from High Grade Aluminum, ensuring no hair loss or stray hairs that may spoil your painting.
  • Round Pointed brushes are perfect for fine details and lines, delicate areas, spotting and retouching
  • Enjoy long term performance from the brushes. To clean your brushes, just run them under warm water to wash out the paint and use your fingers to gently reshape brush hairs. They remain soft and flexible after cleaning and retain their 'spring'.
  • Ideal for Art Students, Hobbyists, Amateurs and Professionals.

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