Sheaffer 100 Tranlucent Red Barrel 9307 Roller Pen

Sheaffer 100 Tranlucent Red Barrel 9307 Roller Pen

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Product Code: 100 Tranlucent Red Barrel 9307 Roller Pen
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Featured here is the 9307 rollerball from the Sheaffer 100 series. The barrel is glossed over with shiny lacquer in a deep intense red that is absolutely striking. The brushed chrome cap perfectly complements the deep red of the barrel. This pen is made of solid metal but is extremely well balanced and perfect to write with. For those looking for a pen that writes like an ink pen but has the convenience of a ball point as far as changing refills go, then look no further than a rollerball pen. A rollerball is super smooth to write with and less tiring on your hands. The Sheaffer 9307 rollerball pen with its brushed chrome body and smooth grip is the go to pen if you are looking to impress. It is perfectly balanced, with a good size and shape. The cap and barrel maintain their diameter throughout their length with only a slight taper at each end. The caps diameter is slightly larger than the barrel and the tassie reflects this as well. It features the Sheaffer White Dot on the clip, an instant identifier trademark that is a symbol of writing excellence. Sheaffer offers a one year limited global warranty against manufacturing defect for this product. Package Includes: One 9307 Rollerball Pen, 1 Black Slim Sheaffer rollerball refill & warranty card in a luxury gift box.

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